Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Interesting projects

These is the space for projects that you consider worthwhile, and would like to share with us. Please send me links and I will set them here!

The campaign about older people's rights. A very touching campaign to sensibilise about the problems of older people. Helsingin Sanomat chose it as the best campaign of the year 2005!

Mondragón Corporación Corporativa - MCC. A co-operative movement initiated in 1956 in Mondragón (Guipúzcoa). Its corporate values: Co-operation, participation, social responsability and innovation

America's Second Harvest. The Nation's Food Bank Network is USA's largest charitable hunger-relief organization

KessiaCare Foundation. Its a site dedicated to a little girl whom Kati and Mikko knew in Vanuatu, and who died of braintumor a couple of years ago. They set up an organisation to help families with terminally ill children.

People tree. An online fair-trade shop

Ithemba. A campaign for awareness and online shop

Design without borders. NGO by designers

Manna-apu. It delivers left-over and expiry-date-over food to people in need from department stores etc.

Global Dignity. Awareness about the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life.

Coopa-Roca. A cooperative in the favela (slum) Rocinha in Brazil, developing very creative and distinctive decorative products and fashion

Massive Change. A project by designer Bruce Mau on the future of global design, mainly promoting a LEARN-ACT approach to changing the world.

Daspu Clothing. The materialisation of an awareness and promotion campaign leaeded by the Brazilian NGO 'Davida', which since 1992 is active in the social struggle for the civil rights of prostitutes. Very nice products!

Ashoka. An organisation that dentifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs - extraordinary individuals with unprecedented ideas for change in their communities - supporting them, their ideas and institutions through all phases of their careers.

Wikis and Writely

These are two options for you to work online. Check each option, and decide which one works better for your team:


When you have established the one you like to use, please send me the link so I make links from this blog to all five teams' pages

Kati & Mikko's lecture: On poverty

Download the paper of the presentation (PDF file):
On Poverty, Inclusion and Design

Monday, March 20, 2006

Paula's lecture: Processes of Globalisation and Localisation in Design

Download here the presentation (PDF).

If you are interested in the topic, you can download 3 of my articles

If you want to have a good, concise approach to Globalisation, look at Anthony Giddens' lectures on the BBC in text, audio and video:

Introduction to the course

Download here the presentation (PDF file) with information about the course and exhibition.

If you have any questions regarding the course and exhibition, contact me!

Paula Bello
Tel. 050 402 6992

Today we agreed that the weekly tutoring will be on wednesdays, 14.00-16.00 (room to be confirmed soon) with 20 mins. for each team.
Other tutoring can be arranged by appointment.
We start next week! (wednesday 29.3)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lectures: Programme

Lectures every monday (20.3-24.4), 10.00-12.00, Room 885 (Industrial and Strategic Design Department, 8th. floor)

Paula Bello [Designer, UIAH]:
Processes of Globalisation and Localisation in Design

Kati Reijonen [Philospher] & M.B.A. Mikko Koria [Architect and Business]:
Poverty, on the philosophy of Amartya Sen

IMPORTANT CHANGE! Friday 31.3.2006, 10.00-12.00, Room 885
Ville Kokkonen [Designer, Studio Valtimo] & Teemu Oksanen [Designer, ND]:
Visualisation of Futures Scenarios

Mikko Koria Koria [Architect and Business] & Kati Reijonen [Philospher]:
Innovation capabilities, on the philosophy of Amartya Sen

Helena Tapper [IT Senior Advisor, TIEKE]:

Pekka Himanen [Philospher]:
The Global Dignity project
Tuesday 18.4.2006
Room 885
University of Art and Design Helsinki

Exhibition at Lasipalatsi!

On June 2006, the results of this course and project will be presented at the plaza of Lasipalatsi

Welcome to Designing Worlds!

This is the blog for all activities related to Designing Worlds course, project and exhibition. Please feel free to comment, add, question, discuss, etc!

Our purpose is to open a forum for original and fresh ideas from young people to improve the quality of life worldwide.

This project is an initiative of:
- WorlDesign Research Group, University of Art and Design Helsinki
- Argonaut Programme, Department of Communications, University of Helsinki
- Prof. Pekka Himanen

In this case, we are concentrating on ideas and strategies to improve the quality of life of communities marginalised by poverty. This is done in line with the goals of the 2020 Initiative by the Young Global Leaders community.